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#307247 - “Oh no, that’s not right” murmured the princess even though she made no effort to push him back. She answered: “What is it?” then adding angrily “I hope you have a good excuse for bothering me so early in the day!” The voice that replied was not as Lady Desire had imagined it would be, instead of a raspy old voice of a loyal servant, came out a strong, young masculine voice saying: “May I come in my Lady, we heard some noises downstairs and wanted to check if everything was…” He was cut short in mid-sentence for Lady Desire opened the door immediately for him and ordered: “Servant, I want to take my bath, help me out of those clothes. As she turned and headed towards the royal bath, the Anthony (the servant)‘s dick went rigid as he had a hard-on, hard-on.

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Ayuki mari
Se parece mucho a lizy p xd
Akira kazama
Your truly a beautiful lady