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#118094 - Kisaki gave his cock a poke the way a student pokes at unknown mush of uncertain edibility served in the school cafeteria, and laughed mockingly. Yuuze had put on one of Kisaki’s old costumes; black and light brown bordering on gold with a fluffy mess of a skirt and a tight top of PVC tied in the middle and padded elbows; complete with a sacrilegious cross necklace and a choker of the same material as the top, crowned with semi-transparent light brown frills, although it was not completely on, for Yuuze had been unable to tie the top properly, which was scarcely surprising seeing as it was a rather tricky affair to do oneself. Kisaki pretended not to see this and instead smiled as if he had not noticed the wry look on Yuuze’s face.

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