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#221214 - Several men came over to meet Duke and Cletus when they got off their bikes, and it was apparent right away that they showed a lot more interest in Jill than she wanted them to! One of them asked, Who's the new whore?!? Oh her, Duke answered with a nod of his head, I picked her up at a slop house back in Denver, since Grace left, I've been lookin' for a new bitch, and it looks like I found her! Duke had turned to look at her when he said and it looks like I found her, and she knew right away that he had said it for her benefit. After ten more minutes of bumpy riding, a make shift camp of tents and lean- tos came into view, and from a quick calculation she figured that there must have been twenty other choppers parked in a row along the road and a score of dirty bearded men and their women sitting around campfires cooking supper. They rode along in silence for the next ten minutes until Bill asked her, Where are you headed to, Jill? I don't really know,

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