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#322390 - “Oh fuck yes! You feel so good in my ass!” she howled as slammed her weight down onto me. It was a warm night and in a massive break with tradition, it had stayed dry since Wednesday so I left the Jacket at home and started the short walk to the Royal Oak. A loud knock on the door snapped us all from our intimate tryst, as a stage hand popped his head around the door and told us the event would be starting in 5 minutes, “The ladies will have to re-join your group on the Veranda” He added, giving me a knowing smile.

Read Couch Do M Kyoushi to Oni Loli 丨抖M教師與鬼蘿莉 - Original Canadian Do M Kyoushi to Oni Loli 丨抖M教師與鬼蘿莉