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#230757 - Parks, please sit down and make yourselves comfortable, I'm Aurora Gaines and this must be Chloe!!! Thank you, Mz. Gaines, Alice Parks replied evenly, it's so nice to meet you, I feel that I already know you after all of the phone calls and letters!!! I quite agree, Aurora replied, and I think that you've made a very wise decision to enroll you daughter in our facility!!! It's more like a prison, Chloe retorted while sitting sullenly in her chair with her head down, and I'm gonna hate it here!!! Chloe, her father chided, that's no may to talk, apologize this instant!!! There was a pregnant silence while Chloe ignored her father's reproval until Aurora Gaines got her off the hook by interjecting, Don't worry, folks, most of our students start out feeling exactly the way Chloe does, but they eventually come around!!! I hope so, Alice Parks snapped after givng her daughter a sharp look, I hope that you can do something with he

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