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#64729 - Her little pussy had a cute little bush of soft, curly hair around the outside of her sweet lips…she had a gently bulging pudenda, which, with the lips bisecting it, looked just like a split peach. !” Her pussy was spasming, and her pussy juice was flooding out of her, and saturating Blackie’s nose, and whiskers, and pouring down his throat, and by Christ! he needed to plunge his huge, thick cock into her steaming hot, juicy cunt! and fuck, and fuck, and fuck… His gigantic balls were by now so swollen with thick, hot, slimy, super-fertile semen, that they were hanging down below his knees, and rumbling, and churning, and he was ACHING with the need to empty them as deep inside this randy little mare as he possibly could… “Can’t wait any longer, sweetheart…I have GOT to fuck you…” Gina heard in her head. ! Jesus, lover, you are the BEST shag EVER…nobody, but nobody, makes me feel like you do.

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