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#15582 - Morning escapades It’s early in the morning The sun is rising fast I’m still thinking ‘bout the long And heavy night that’s past I had a naughty dream or two While sleeping in my bed The result is that deep down there My thong is dripping wet I have to do something right now I cannot wait no more But shall I do it with my hand Or walk to my sock drawer? No time, I have to do it now My fingers sure will do Out of my way, my tight blue thong, My finger’s coming through The moment that I touched my clit I had to close my eyes I was so turned-on that I could Not bear the sun’s bright lights Without wasting any time I opened up my legs This was the perfect moment for My early morning sex I slided in two fingers, Immediately moaned, This shouldn’t take long, because of The orgasm I’d postponed I looked at a few pictures Of nude girls on my shelf I couldn’t take it anymore I had to fuck myself After some time I realized That I was very

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Hanzou hattori
Damn your eyes are amazing
Hinata kinoshita
A disgusting old fuck but really hot mia saves it
Vignette tsukinose april
Damn can you guys be any sexier