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#210516 - My thought of him earlier when I saw his tight crotch in the store threw me over the edge! I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me harder and faster then he could have fucked me alone! With each huge thrust into me, my pussy disgorged a torrent of sperm and spray – I was covered, he was covered, the bed was covered, I bet every man near me was covered! This was too much for a man jacking over me and he let out a great glob of spunk that landed half in my open mouth and half on my neck and breasts. I lit a new cigarette then peeled off my soaked panties and spread my legs beckoning with my free hand to the closest guy with a hard cock ready to go. When he returned with my items he smiled and asked if I was going to drink all that alone, I replied I hope not and gave him wry smile in return.

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