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#284629 - The time I am narrating about was when our matric exams were nearing. I saw her cunt with some hair around it she was quite thin, she had black curly hair on her mound, I immediately got up and embraced her and kissed, I did not allow her to pick up hr shorts she lay on the bed and told me, Please do not do anything I will become pregnant and my mother will kill me I took her with me to my fathers room and picked out a packet of Nirodh and showed it to her and said ,don't worry I will use this She looked relaxed, Then I took off her choli and her breasts were small ,but had long elongated nipples which I took on my mouth, She started making hissing sounds. My name is Randy, I now live in Mumbai but the story I am going to tell you is about the time I lived in Indore.

Read Hunks Musuko no Heya | 兒子的小房間 Long Musuko no Heya | 兒子的小房間

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