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#381620 - The 3 girls have been living together for 3 weeks now and for Sandra that was 3 weeks without sex or drugs or violence she already had a mother who cared for her a job at the local cafe her already wounded body has been healed her vagina and ass has already tightened up she had a best friend/sister who loved eachother very much maybe to much her life was officialy changed. Sandra woke up to her alarm clock blaring at her she had to get ready for school she was to sore in all 3 holes to move but school was paradise to her compared to what she goes through at home. Brenda's mum imeadiately rang the police.

Read Finger Chotto… Shite Minai? Lesbo Chotto… Shite Minai?

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Yeah she definitely took my soul that afternoon you can tell by how she had me moaning and crying like a little bitch at the end of the vid
Io nitta
So hot
Gon freecss
No era tanto
Sherlock holmes
And just like that i wanna go to walmart