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#285379 - I see there and notice the restaurant is almost empty I finish my drink as time goes by and the beast in me can't take it any longer I get up from my table and walk to the bathroom places the out of order sign on the outside and enter quietly. hmmmm yes She's moving on top eyes staring right into mind piercing each other's soul she smiles I can feel her grip tight as it glides against her walls internal muscles flexing on me my hand place on her back rubbing soothing her as she swag I sit up and begin to lick and suck on her breast nibbling on her nipples erect to the taste she moans as I suck harder as she wraps both arms around me tightly placed on the back of my head to draw me closer she utters out O gawd and licks and bit my ear as we tangle our bodies She lifts my head and kisses me and turns reverse cowgirl and squats down on it bouncing on it she know I love to watch it go it she rises just high enough to feel the crown of my tip touch her clit and back do

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