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#323614 - Olivia!?! Momentarily taken aback, she stared fearfully at the unknown speaker and replied evenly, Yes I am, who are you and what do you want!?! Now stepping into the light, she could see it was a young man of eighteen or nineteen, and quite slight of build who replied, I'm Jeff, I tried to get you on the phone, but I can never get through, and I just had to talk to you, so I just came down here hoping that I'd find you!!! Well, Jeff, she said in a much more relaxed voice, it's really late and I have to get home, but if you give me your number, I'll have one of my people call you at home tomorrow night and make sure that you get on the air, is that okay with you!?! While shaking his head from side to side he replied, I don't want to talk on the air, I'd be too embarrassed, I just have a couple of questions, it would only take a minute, please!?! She was just about to blow him off when tears welled up in his eyes and he began softly sobbing!!!

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Ela e nossa vai brasil
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