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#149960 - Darrell got up and said to Susan would you like to go on an adventure with me Cody and Chris and of course said yes and we were out the back door as we walked into the woods behind our houses we got to where me Darrell and Cody have fucked each other silly many times in the past now Darrell can be the nicest guy in the world when he wants you to suck him or he wants in your ass. it was Cody favorite thing to do so Susan got naked and did as she was being showed as soon as she put my cock in her mouth I knew this was going to be a good day She sucked us off for a while then we laid her down we looked at her body I immediately went to her pussy only once had I ever tasted pussy and that was on Jeff’s cock I did my best to imitate what I saw in the porn movies I licked her little pussy I sucked two finger into my mouth and jammed them in her pussy and she screamed and started to cry I immediately pulled my fingers out and there was blood on them I yelled what the fuck Darrell tried to

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Maribel han
It s average lol