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#242942 - He made his displeasure known by moving back and kicking her onto the queen bed. Both looked surprised at the intervention, spat parting insults but didnt try to fight again - taking on Mark wasn't the best policy for anyone willing to retain his teeth. She had no wish to get entangled in an affair that he could walk out of with high fives but which would leave her scarred, mentally and socially.

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Congrats on your fabulous vid you are a very eroticstar in this universe the torture of arousal and an impending orgasmic release is just amazing edging is an art and should be recognised as such orgasms can be fleeting but edging ensures that the most amazing pleasure known to the human race can go on for as long as you want it to i have edged for hours days even weeks at a time the buildup is the most beautiful torture and then that final release omfg
Oh wow love the start