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#4352 - She stood in the bathroom doorway cocked her hips smiling, “do you like the look”? She realized he was lying on the bed in a white robe she instantly saw a large tent forming, “well I see someone likes the look”. Sherry looked at liv, “do you feel good about this? Without a doubt he fucked me stupid I never came so much in my life tomorrow night were going on a date then back home for some serious fucking same for me but is it a double date? I don’t think so he wants to spend time with me so does Tre wow this is great”! The next morning, she was tired and sore, but her body felt wonderful her pussy was still leaking from last night. She grabbed his hard cock leaned forward as her tongue licked the head, then the entire shaft to the base where she continued licking his ball while slowly jerking his cock.

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