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#330281 - Here, I'll show myself to you. We fucked like there was no tomorrow, her moans indicated she was near climax, and I felt the sperm coming out too, and so we both came, marking the end of our intercourse for now; exhausted, our sweaty bodies fell on her bed, her body on top of mine, and I never wanted to let her go. Thanks for being so understanding sis, I, uh, really love you! Aww, I love my little bro too, come on, give your big sister a hug! I couldn't believe it, this went really well, and I slowly began to hug her, our bodies began pressing against each other, I felt her breasts on my chest and my cock couldn't help but getting harder than Kruppstahl, as Hitler would have put it, and as soon as there was no room for air between our bodies, as I was enjoying this great moment we were having, I heard his voice again: Kiss her.

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