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#337054 - After all, she’d followed him for almost three days undetected, hadn’t she? Over the next few minutes, Dani brought her fear back under control enough to seek with her mind, again. ‘Is it possible they built an underwater dome and are all hiding from the sun down there?’ The excitement gave her goosebumps as she remembered stories and Tri-d adventures in giant bubble domes built sometimes by sci-fi aliens and sometimes by wicked warmongers trying to take over the world from their hidden, underwater bases. She felt the half-formed thought of his mother’s people never knowing about her and her offspring, gone forever into the irretrievable past.

Read Gaysex 御姐的實戰教學 1-34 官方中文(連載中) Fellatio 御姐的實戰教學 1-34 官方中文(連載中)

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