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#231082 - “oh no, I ruined your orgasm, I’m so sorry” she said “How about, you do it again and finish this time… and I will watch, it looked so erotic, that way we will be even, I wont be able to say anything to Casey because I watched you so I’m just a huge pervert like you. ” She said winking It kind of made sense, she couldn’t exactly blab what she saw, if she was involved and then would Casey believe her anyway? “Err I don’t know, feels weird” I said unsure about it. “S-sorry boss” she stammered as I tried to hide my cock with the towel I was sat on, “I just came back to get my lunch box and thought you were on you tube watching cats again” “No I’m sorry, you shouldn’t have to see that” I said trying to keep my shit Just at that point, the brush that was lodged in my cock decided it was the most opportune moment to remove itself and plopped on the floor of my office between my feet.

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How long is that elevator ride
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