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#313616 - His arms slipped beneath me, lifting and sliding me upward till my butt was on his thighs, leaving my pelvis slightly jutted toward him. ” My eyes closed as my head nodded and I listened, his hand still gliding over my buns. What was happening to me? How did I end up on my boss’s sofa with his dick inside me, my wrists pinned and my pussy still tender from his use last night? What would my parents think of their thirty-year-old daughter declining to object at a black man calling her his “bitch”? Did Andre even bother to grab my pills from the apartment? What was in the mysterious box on the coffee table? My wandering mind snapped to attention when Andre’s gentle flow turned to hard, deep thrusts, his full, heavy balls bouncing against my ass, his hands’ grips on my wrists tightening.

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