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#313680 - Another cigarette and several glassfuls later, I needed the toilet, and rose from my chair; another person bumped into me – or I to them – and I apologized; looking up it was a fellow diner, boy or girl I couldn’t then tell as the outfit was a unisex pants suit, but a nice smile at me for my apology as they offered an apology in return. I hadn’t been making a nasty joke; It was clear Bo felt more like a woman than a man, and I had no problems with that, and indeed: he was more beautiful than handsome, hence my own cock’s response! I tried, without much hope of success, phoning Anh Duc’s mobile and home phone, which Liem had given me, but as expected, there was only an automated voice advising the mobile was off/out of range, and the home number just rang and rang. ” I smiled, and he continued since I didn’t seem shocked or put off by that, “But I haven’t yet decided to change as some people have” and he looked at Ha, who just smiled “but I am certainly more comfortable working her

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