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#48741 - 1 of the girls called my man over and they all teased him that he would have to take me to the sex shop in the next big town to get me sorted, as they did so 1 of the other girls told me quietly that if I wanted a better shop I should go the other way to the larger city where the shop was a lot more friendly and did not charge entry to women wanting to go into the cabins and kino and was a lot more well managed with different areas for different activities, she just winked at me and then carried on talking to her friend. My eyes were on stalks each side of the corridor were single person cabins with a seat and a tv playing proper hardcore porn as we went along an old guy about 55+ came out of 1 of the cabins still wanking his quite large hard cock, I didn’t mean to but I just stared open mouthed at his cock he saw me look then looked at my man and smiled then walked off behind another curtain at the end. After a bit of time we finally found it and parked up I held on to his arm tig

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