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#232910 - unlike Christine and I who had phone sex on Constant bace. It was just about this time as she lighting up a cigarette when I guess she finally caught on to me acting strange and she walked up to me ask me “ Scott I have noticed this whole night you have been acting strange like you were wanting do something with me while in the movie theater but you keep fighting it ( walking over resting her head on my chest ) please tell me what wrong ( given me that sad puppy look) is something I did wrong ?” As took drag off her cigarette and I took one of my as well “well Stephanie if you want the truth” I said as smoke my cigarette “ you can tell me anything and promise I won’t be mad please tell me damn it” she said I took few more drag off my cigarette and blow the smoke out of my mouth and then I said “ well damn it here go nothing ( take another deep drag from my cigarette) Stephanie the whole time we in the theater I want to. I would never had known she had like me unless my Now late

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Kouji ibuki
Oh i bet that felt amazing to have all those cocks inside you at once mmm
Ayesha altugle
So hot how his foreskin was already pulled back