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#97405 - At this point I had a great idea to hover her whole od in duck tape as I heard it makes you so sweaty so I covered her whole body in the stuff leaving only her head and a small hole for her pussy and ass. A moment later she regained consciousness and she started to try and scream again but failed no one could hear her so I punched her in the stomach this time and I said to her I bet you wish you had played along earlier now don’t you bitch. She nodded so I took it out and then pressed her face to my asshole and started to shit I then told her that if she didn’t eat it I would hit her again there were some gags and but she finished it and then with a little it of shit dripping down her chin she started to cry so I hit her again this time square in the nose she started to bleed but she shut up.

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Rinko kobayakawa
Omg this made us so horny
Miho nishizumi
L love it