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#330598 - I’m a sorcerer of great power , I felt the disturbance in the aether when you were altered and decided that this was my chance to gain a young beautiful Latina as my sex slave. In a deep voice Bear said , you are mine now Jenna heart , mind , body , and soul. Then she saw her face change her eyebrows became long and thin , her nose petite and cute , her lips became full and lush red as ripe cherries and her cheekbones moved higher on her face.

Read Ohmibod 【已完结】哥哥的秘书(作者:洪班長) 第1~32话 Stunning 【已完结】哥哥的秘书(作者:洪班長) 第1~32话

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Gina dickinson
She know what she doing she taking her time being real patient i would ve been cake though she vicious
No she just became a disgusting human being