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#298983 - When I turned around to start getting changed, I saw Mark staring right where my ass had just been, and through his bathers was a very obvious erection. It all started when we were in sports class, last period on a Friday, we had swimming so we were getting changed, slower than anyone else in the changing rooms, resulting in us being left alone, I wasn’t facing him because I didn’t want to get turned on by him like usual, for obvious reasons, I have never really had a problem with other people seeing me without clothes so I casually dropped my bathers and went about drying myself, without thinking I bend over to dry my feet, I stayed that way for ten seconds before standing up, the feeling of the towel running over my body turning me on slightly. After what felt like about ten minutes he turned the vibrator up to full power and started pushing it in and pulling It out again, compared to half power, this was awesome, I think he hadn’t been using its full length before because it fel

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