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#392451 - Make no mistake about it when the loading starts, I'm in charge right? That's all I mean, I just want you to know that! As far as I understand it I'm just coming along to make sure we collect all the controls for this milling machine and make sure they don't get damaged. Do you know he comes and hangs around my place in the evenings and starts asking me questions about the course I'm doing and I know exactly what he wants but he hasn't got the balls to do anything about it. Look the deal is this: You guys are going to get yourselves to the gym with me three times a week to get some fitness back right? I'll book you in cos I know the guys and I can get a reduced rate but you'll have to share the cost! So we all meet three times a week.

Read High Heels ダメな男に優しいエルフ漫画 Dick ダメな男に優しいエルフ漫画

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