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#307565 - As I hold you, I feel your hands pull up on my shirt; I lift my arms as you pull it off the rest of the way, I feel the night air against my chest, I reach behind you as I undo the back of your dress pulling it forward off your arms so that, your beautiful breast can fall free. I go into the bathroom and turn on the shower, I get in and as I start to wash up I hear the bathroom door open, I peak around the curtain and I see you in your towel, I duck back into the shower and as I start to lather up you pull the curtain back, I turn towards you and you kneel down in front of my rock hard cock, as you take my cock into your mouth, you slowly slide your mouth down the length of my shaft, all the way down to my balls, it feels so fucking good, you start to slide up and down my cock, playing with my balls, gently squeezing them sending erotic pleasure through my body, you reach around and grab my ass, pushing my cock deeper into your throat, I can't believe how good your mouth

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