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#288192 - I could see her pussy and the cum dribbling out of it as I said “Don’t worry, no one else knows and I will keep the secret” “Geez Brian, you look like your ready to burst, why don’t you finish off while I talk to your Mum” Mrs M didn’t move and didn't seem to be objecting so Brian dropped his shorts and moved to straddle her lower leg while guiding his cock into her sloppy hole, slid it all the way in before humping her in long deep strokes. As I stepped in she stroked my semi hard cock again then pushed her bum back on it while she reinserted the bottle. “are you Ok Brian?” I asked “Well yeh, mum needs a bit of pleasure in her life after that last year or so but if any one of you says a single word about this I will personally come around and destroy you!!” We believed him too.

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So good liza your doggystyle ones are the best