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#355530 - She was close to tears as she did as I had told her she then sat down on the arm chair as jean sank down onto me and fucked me as if she had never been fucked before she rode me for a few minutes she was red-hot inside her , muscles pulling and tightening round me we both came jean relaxed I look over at Jill her legs were apart and I could see she was all wet one of her hands was just above the hairs on her cunt her fingers were wet she blushed as she saw I was looking at her she stood up and said do you want me to lie with you both again yes I replied it was the first time really I had a good look at her body she was taller than Jean by an inch thinner in the body long dark hair down to her waist you could just see her hip bones her legs were thinner and she had more hair on her pussy her breasts were nearly as big as Jeans but had a bit of a sag . I arrived at Jeans flat in the back door as usual up the stairs Jean was waiting for me she grabbed me OH I’m so glad you came I was wo

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