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#151843 - as u kneel down in front of me I lay down a rule and the rule is that if I touch u then u have to gently bite my hard cock. the faster I go the fast u go and already ur sending me sky high and I stop and u notice im so horny and turned on im going to cum so u stop and lift me off the bed and u stand me in front of the chair in our room as u sit on it I smile knowing what u want but u cant touch no hands allowed. I go as fast as I think I can go and then u stop me and u slide out and u tell me to get on all 4s and I do as u say and u climb on the bed behind me and I feel u slide into me and begin to thrust harder and faster as hold my right hip but ur left hand play with my left tit I squeeze left tit and then I pinch a ur nipple im pushing my cock in you as hard as I can my cock slips out and pokes up the wrong hole I move my cock back to ur pussy and I start pumping you hard again get fasting at each thrust I love u thrusting harder and faster inside me and I start to moan louder an

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Yayoi fujisawa
You are unreal
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She is perfect