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#10498 - “Oh god it hurts so fucking bad!!!” Fate momentarily stopped his thrusting to make sure that Steffi was okay, and when he was sure he proceeded to ram her like a bull fucking a heifer!!! In only a matter of a few short minutes Steffi’s screams of pain turned into soft mewlings of pleasure as the thick battering ram became her chocolate colored love stick! “M-mommy,” she gasped, “h-he’s fucking me to death, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, it’s so fucking goooooooood!!!” “Oh god, Mike, look at your little daughter!” Marilyn blithered. “W-what’s happening to me?!?” Marilyn had long since mounted her husband’s thick cock while watching her daughter having her first male induced orgasm! Her own pussy was absolutely on fire, so it took a moment to gather her bearings before moaning softly, “Y-you’re just having a climax dear, isn’t it just heavenly?!?” Steffi’s head rolled to the side, and with a slack jaw expression focused on her mother riding her father’s big cock! “Oh mommy, you’re letting daddy fuck

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